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    Ocular Conference Table

    Video conference room with an ocular conference table coupe 3 in the middle and three conference chairs in brown
    ocular conference table coupe 3 in a video conference room with three meeting room chairs in pink
    ocular conference table top in two wood colors in white background
    Ocular conference table coupe 5 in a video conference room with five silq chairs in grey color
    standalone ocular conference table coupe 5 with a black base and a wood top in white background

      Designed for hybrid collaboration, the Ocular™ video conference tables improve sightlines, offering a more equitable experience for in person and remote meeting participants.

      Product information

      Ocular Conference Table Features

      Standard Coupe Features 

      • Knife edge profile
      • Tabletop aperture cutout
      • Base wrap: Dark Gray
      • Standard melamine top with matching edgeband
      • Tech door + panel

      Optional Coupe Features 

      • Electrification: without or with two power units, each with a socket or USB-A/C 22W
      • Linoleum tops on Plywood
      • Fenix tops with matching edges
      • Power pods

      Standard Arc Features

      • Modesty panel: Dark Gray
      • Angled Legs, reducing table interference with users’ legs
      • Swing-open access cable trays
      • Grommet cutout for tabletop tech
      • Standard melamine top with matching edgeband

      Optional Arc Features

      • Electrification: without or with a power unit per tabletop, each with a socket and USB-C 60W. Arc4 features 2 power units, Arc7 features 3 power units and Arc10 features 4 power units
      • Select surface melamine top with Birch Multiplex MP90 Edge
      • Linoleum tops on Plywood
      • Fenix tops with matching edges

      Ocular Conference Table Dimensions


      Width: 1811 mm
      Height: 740 mm + 10 mm adjustable glide
      Depth: 1196 mm
      Weight: 60 kg + 50 kg counterweight


      Width: 2085 mm
      Height: 740 mm + 10 mm adjustable glide
      Depth: 1778 mm
      Weight: 90 kg


      Width: 3576 mm
      Height: 740 mm + 10 mm adjustable glide
      Depth: 1149 mm
      Weight: 71 kg


      Width: 4767 mm
      Height: 740 mm + 10 mm adjustable glide
      Depth: 1547 mm
      Weight: 101 kg


      Width: 5980 mm
      Height: 740 mm + 10 mm adjustable glide
      Depth: 2291 mm
      Weight: 139 kg

        Go beyond
        Product range

        Transforming conference rooms to video conference rooms

        Ocular™ conference tables were designed to accommodate the increasing need for video conferences in meeting rooms and collaboration spaces.

        The organic shapes allow everyone – whether in the room or elsewhere – to see, connect and meet better. The premier front-row experience provided by Ocular™ gives everyone an equal spot at the table, making virtual meetings more inclusive.

        Design Principles
        Designed for Video Conference
        People to People
        People to People

        Conversation and collaboration should feel natural and comfortable between people around a video conference table.

        People to Screens
        People to Screens

        When meeting virtually or sharing content, everyone should have a good experience and view of the screen.

        People to Camera
        People to Camera

        The room’s camera should capture everyone in the room so that remote attendees can feel connected and engaged.

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