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Place matters.

When you bring people together in spaces that best support their needs – where they work, learn and heal – they will be more satisfied, productive and creative.

Together, Steelcase and EKA Hellas SA can share the leading insights, smart solutions and innovative products to transform your spaces and inspire and engage those who use them. Visit Steelcase to learn more.

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EKA Hellas
A new era in Hybrid workplace management
Welcome to the era of hybrid workplaces. The return of employees to the company’s physical workplace underlines the importance of collaboration and human interaction. That is why the implementation of the new, hybrid workplaces focus mainly on the factors of employees’ cooperation, engagement, safety, and comfort. These four parameters increase productivity and optimize any workplace’s management.
Workplace Management
A complete “Ecosystem” of 5 Management Zones
A resilient workplace, in order to meet the modern requirements of Workplace Management, is divided into 5 specialized zones, fully personalized and customized according to the needs of people, modern technology and the workplace itself.
The 5 zones of the innovative workplace “Ecosystem” form respectively 5 specialized areas within the company’s professional workspace, which serve their respective purpose by enhancing productivity, functionality and quality of the space itself. Each zone respectively aims to support efficient work, communication, the transition from one professional activity to the next, interaction, and unhampered access to the necessary equipment.
The Zones of the workplace “Ecosystem”
Nomadic Zone
Nomadic Zone
The Nomadic Zone is dedicated to the employees who are constantly on the move for the transition from one project to another. Thus, it enables integrated management of resources and means of productivity, by providing unhampered access to all the necessary material, effective coordination and professional interaction.
Residence Zone
Residence Zone
The Resident Zones are created based on the needs of daily tasks supporting both individual focused and collaborative work. These zones usually accommodate a company’s Human Resources or Accounting departments, which are always in need of a lot of physical storage space for files, documents and forms.
Social Zone
Social Zone
The quality of interaction between employees and the effectiveness of team-building directly maximizes the results of modern Workplace Management. Therefore, the Social Zone of the “Ecosystem” is dedicated to precisely this team-building process, through socializing, rejuvenation and informal collaboration.
Meeting Zone
Meeting Zone
Collaboration and communication are interrelated, which is why meetings, conferences, or even simple briefings now have their own exclusive zone with its specialized infrastructure and all the necessary means that enhance communication, which will lead to the optimal result, not only in productivity, but also in workplace management.
Resource Zone
Resource Zone
A Zone exclusively dedicated to resources and means of productivity management. All productivity tools and required equipment have their own zone within the “Ecosystem”, fully accessible, functional and at the same time discreet, enhancing both productivity and aesthetic.
    Learn about modern Workplace Management from EKA Hellas
    EKA Hellas creates an innovative and active “Ecosystem” of Zones, while implementing a comprehensive and effective Workplace Management. We introduce our specialized approach in the field of Workplace Management, by deeply understanding the very needs of your company’s workplace, collaborating closely with your architects and technical team, and providing fully personalized solutions and innovative product.
    Specialized Workplace Solutions
    With our exclusive collaborations with leading manufacturers of office furniture, flooring and acoustic solutions, and other technologically advanced systems, we ensure a high quality for our customer’s workplaces and their employees. We deliver humancentric as well as ergonomic workplace environments where employees can work pleasantly and effectively. Most importantly we deliver workplace wellbeing.
    Office Furniture
    Office Solutions
    Products and solutions for workplace environments, of high specifications and features that satisfy all the needs and requirements.
    Desks & Workstations
    Office chairs
    Storage Units
    Lounge furniture
    Phone & Meeting Booths
    Flooring solutions
    Flooring solutions
    Commercial flooring solutions of high design and product quality, durability, and ecologic awareness. The Innovative raw material used for their production and their modular design in tiles and plugs offer high installation standards, flexibility and speed in their application and replacement.
    Carpet strips and tiles
    LVT (Luxurious Vinyl Tiles)
    Woven vinyl
    Acoustic & Sound Absorbing Solutions
    Acoustic & Sound Absorbing Solutions
    Sound absorbers and Booths and pods are used for the reduction of the reverberation problem and the sound insulation in the workplace environment.
    Sound absorbing wall, ceiling panels and also space dividers
    Acoustic phone and meeting booths
    Workplace decoration
    Workplace decoration
    Furniture and accessories for the elegant decoration of indoor and outdoor workplaces characterized by enhanced functionality and unified aesthetic identity.
    Decorative products
      Success in numbers
      Although employees prefer (45%) to work remotely from home, they are willing (55%) to trade remote workdays for their own workspace at office, in a hybrid workplace providing them with autonomy and flexibility.
      Happy employees make smarter decisions, are more creative and up to 12% more productive. Organizations with happy employees outperform their competitors by 20%.
      When working in a Hybrid Workplace, employees value more: Hybrid collaboration spaces (64%), Single-person enclaves for hybrid meetings (62%), Privacy (61%), Workspace with full or partial enclosure (58%), Reservable workspaces (57%), Flexible furniture (52%), Informal spaces to connect with colleagues (52%), Large number of collaborative spaces (49%) and Sustainable office furniture (47%).
      360o magazine
      Every 3 minutes is the average frequency of an office worker being interrupted or distracted, while it takes 23 minutes to return to a task after being interrupted. (UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, IRVINE)
      The option to choose one’s furniture (29% of highly engaged and highly satisfied employees) is a higher indicator of engagement than having a private office (23% of highly engaged and highly satisfied employees).
      Creating 5 specialized zones in the work environment led to a 14% increase in employees’ perception that they can focus better on their work.
        What can we offer you?
        Are you an Architect?
        Are you an Architect?
        We are fully aware of the needs and trends for an innovative, effective, and beautiful workplace environment. That is why we can support you and your team by providing the right products, systems, and solutions in furnishings, floorings, decorative elements, from leading manufacturers around the world.
        Are you an entrepreneur?
        Are you an entrepreneur?
        We can support your architect and consultants in the design and implementation of your workplace by offering state of the art furniture and flooring solutions, acoustic and sound absorbing products and systems, from some of the world's leading manufacturers.
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