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The standard EchoSail® are manufactured in four different shapes and sizes and can be specified in any of the EchoPanel® range of colours and designs. Upon request custom sizes are available. There are literally no forms, designs or applications where you cannot use this robust material; with a material strengths of 12mm it is about one third the weight of MDF or plasterboard.

EchoSail® 12mm & 24mm is an effective and flexible acoustic element to be installed on ceilings with a fabric like finish. It is a direct response to ecological sustainability and environmental quality requirements facing contemporary interior design and fit out.

  • Range of application: Ceiling
  • Areas: Lounges, Restaurants and Cafeterias, Gangways, Meeting rooms, Gyms, Atriums
  • EchoSail® Types: Hexagon, Round, Square, Butterfly, Ray, Web, Diamond, and Flower

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