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Top Frame


    TOP FRAME is the new power and data supply solution for living and work environments, such as conference facilities.

    Perfect elegance

    The balanced geometry of TOP FRAME fits elegantly into the surface of the furniture, so tables can even be fitted with high‑quality veneers. The cover can be completely recessed, allowing power and data to be accessed from various sides conveniently.

    TOP FRAME is also elegantly simple to open: press down with your finger to simply and silently open TOP FRAME and close it again.

    Product information


    from 341x162x110mm

    Mounting depth:

    Mounting depth of frame for version fitted below the table: 98 mm (110 mm incl. power strip)
    Mounting depth of frame for version fitted on the table: 96 mm (108 mm incl. power strip)


    Housing: Sheet steel
    Lid: aluminium

    Socket orientation


    Available colors:

    • Aluminium
    • Grey metallic
    • Black

    Bachmann product is 2 years

    Mounting instructions
    Mounting instructions
    Mounting instructions

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    Happy employees make smarter decisions, are more creative and up to 12% more productive. Organizations with happy employees outperform their competitors by 20%.
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