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Place matters.

When you bring people together in spaces that best support their needs – where they work, learn and heal – they will be more satisfied, productive and creative.

Together, Steelcase and EKA Hellas SA can share the leading insights, smart solutions and innovative products to transform your spaces and inspire and engage those who use them. Visit Steelcase to learn more.

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    Mito Table

      A piece of furniture created with the classic design in mind.
      MITO conference table is an ideal offer for demanding users. The option of adding functional modules to the table allows creating various types of layouts.

      Product information

      Product features

      • Compliant with standards: PN-EN 527-2:2017-02, PN-EN 14073-2:2006.
      • Modular construction.
      • Board base.
      • Certificate - MFC: FSC, PEFC.
      • Designed for luxurious conference rooms and executive offices.

      Technical Data

      • Worktop - MFC 38 mm, ABS edge.
      • HPL base - high gloss - 38 mm.
      • Connecting element - MFC 18 mm, ABS edge.
      • Leveling - 5 mm range.
      • Option with extra charge: mediaport S91E - 2x 230V, 2x RJ45.
      • Option with extra charge: mediaport S92E - 4x 230V, 4x RJ45.

      Warranty .mdd

      • Products - 5 years.
      • Electrical components and fabric - 2 years.

        Go beyond
        Product features
        Mito Table

        The worktop in subdued sycamore colours combined with varnished details emphasizes its prestigious appearance. The table together with desks from the MITO collection create a stylistically coherent arrangement of offices or conference rooms, giving them a classic character.
        This piece of furniture is dedicated to those who value prestigious design and excellent functionality.

        Success in numbers
        Although employees prefer (45%) to work remotely from home, they are willing (55%) to trade remote workdays for their own workspace at office, in a hybrid workplace providing them with autonomy and flexibility.
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        EKA Hellas's specialist consultants are here to optimize your company's workplace according to its specialized functional characteristics and aesthetic qualities.
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