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Place matters.

When you bring people together in spaces that best support their needs – where they work, learn and heal – they will be more satisfied, productive and creative.

Together, Steelcase and EKA Hellas SA can share the leading insights, smart solutions and innovative products to transform your spaces and inspire and engage those who use them. Visit Steelcase to learn more.

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    Grid Collection

      A colorful room-within-a-room, the raw shell of the Grid frame provides a base for modular meeting room seating, shelves, tables and screens, which can be integrated in different ways to create a playful and multi-functional environment for informal meetings, presentations or simply hanging out. ​

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        Product features

        Part sofa, part lounge, part presentation space, the multi-functional Grid product family is a thoughtful response to changes in how we live and work.


        Variations include an L-shape module enclosed by back and side panels, a U-shaped module, which creates a more enveloping effect for informal meetings, a straight module with a seat that functions as a sofa and space partition, and a room divider that can function as a screen or as an integrated AV station.​

        Privacy + Space Division ​
        Privacy + Space Division ​

        Tall side panels create private spaces while low side panels offer less visual division, both options are available in either a larch-wood veneer, covered with an acoustic upholstery or as a metal grid that encourages communication between the inside and outside of the module.

        Additional Components​
        Additional Components​

        A standing or sitting desk for informal work is created with the addition of an external shelf. The sides can be fully upholstered as a sofa, or one side can function as a built-in side table. Neat power & data spot units provide connectivity and charging stations to the units.

          Success in numbers
          Although employees prefer (45%) to work remotely from home, they are willing (55%) to trade remote workdays for their own workspace at office, in a hybrid workplace providing them with autonomy and flexibility.
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          Our experts are here to help you optimize your workspace
          EKA Hellas's specialist consultants are here to optimize your company's workplace according to its specialized functional characteristics and aesthetic qualities.
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