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Place matters.

When you bring people together in spaces that best support their needs – where they work, learn and heal – they will be more satisfied, productive and creative.

Together, Steelcase and EKA Hellas SA can share the leading insights, smart solutions and innovative products to transform your spaces and inspire and engage those who use them. Visit Steelcase to learn more.

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      This expressive acoustic light is available in two sizes and is made for higher rooms. The EchoLED® UMBRA acoustic pendant luminaire offers high acoustic absorption and is an excellent alternative to the generally known acoustic sails above workstations and in conference rooms. The elegant EchoLED® UMBRA uses the Bartenbach light module EQ4 which offers all possibilities of digital light control and is delivered ready to plug in. For the best lighting comfort, the ideal distance between the table top and the EchoLED® UMBRA should not be less than 170cm.

      With its striking corded shade the pendant lamp EchoLED® UMBRA made of 3.2 square meters of EchoBoard® is the centre piece of the room. Made of recycled PET it radiates the interplay of sustainability and design.

      EchoLED® UMBRA combines expertise from the fields of light and acoustics. ECHOJAZZ acoustics in interaction with Bartenbach lighting solutions.

      Product information

        like no other
        EchoBoard 975
        EchoBoard 833
        EchoBoard 784
        EchoBoard 852
        EchoBoard 801
        EchoBoard 592
        EchoBoard 133
        EchoBoard 155
        EchoBoard 809
        EchoBoard 563
        EchoBoard 675
        EchoBoard 523
        EchoBoard 372
        EchoBoard 263
        EchoBoard 245
        EchoBorard 244
        EchoBoard 204
        EchoBoard 185
        EchoBoard 183
        EchoBoard 111
        EchoBoard 105
        Success in numbers
        Happy employees make smarter decisions, are more creative and up to 12% more productive. Organizations with happy employees outperform their competitors by 20%.
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        EKA Hellas's specialist consultants are here to optimize your company's workplace according to its specialized functional characteristics and aesthetic qualities.
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