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    Bachmann Group


    bachmann conferece power and data solution ideal for conference/meeting rooms
    bachmann conference solution close-up
    bachmann conference solution in use with different power and data cables

      CONFERENCE is a truly refined and discreet solution for individual access to power and data connections. When not in use, CONFERENCE is integrated into the top of the furniture. When you need power or data, simply press with your finger to release the magnetic catch. The opening flap then swings up. Once you have connected your notebook, projector, microphone etc., you can close the opening flap again. The opposite narrow closing flap adapts to the inserted cables – nothing is squashed and the table stays looking as elegant as before. For use in work environments, on conference and training desks or high-grade workstations.


      CONFERENCE without a frame is fitted from the underside of the tabletop. Therefore, only the pivoting flaps are visible on the tabletop. If necessary, the flaps can be customised to match the finish of your tabletop by applying a suitable veneer of up to 2 mm (this is not done ex works).

      Product information


      with frame: from 285x182 mm without frame: from 267x119 mm

      Mounting depth:

      with frame: 110 mm without frame: 107 mm


      Steel sheet

      Available colors:

      • Matt chrome
      • Grey metallic
      • Moonstone metallic

      Bachmann product is 2 years

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