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The inspiration behind Embodied Beauty

Ikigai, a “reason for being,” is a Japanese concept related to well-being and happiness through connection with others and with nature. Ikigai teaches appreciation for simplicity and acceptance of what is impermanent.




Inspired by these principles, Embodied Beauty focuses on bringing new life to the expected.


The collection embraces calm, muted greys in warm and cool tones alongside natural colours for added dimension. Simple Sash, Sashiko Stitch, and Vintage Kimono evoke the delicate beauty of antique textiles and make ideal companions for Zen Stitch with its irregular gridded texture. Geisha Gather is a modern, woven graphic that invites you to create your own zen-like patterns. Tokyo Texture and Shishu Stitch take notes from nature with organic texture and soft, subtle striae.



Backings that give back.

We are on a mission to lower the carbon footprint of your space and to do this, we are transforming our global backing systems with our CQuest™ backings.



Embodied Beauty collection uses two of our CQuest backings.


CQuest™BioX - Shishu Stitch, Tokyo Texture, and Zen Stitch use CQuestBioX backing. The carbon negative materials in CQuest™BioX backing, in combination with specialty yarns and tufting processes, result in a carbon negative carpet tile.


CQuest™Bio - Geisha Gather, Sashiko Stitch, Simple Sash, and Vintage Kimono use CQuestBio backing. The materials in the backing are carbon negative and lower the carbon footprint of the product.





Interface transforming carbon into beautiful flooring


The Embodied Beauty™ collection is designed to lower the carbon footprint of your space with style. See all the gallery photos and colors,here 



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