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Ο χώρος κάνει τη διαφορά.

Όταν οι άνθρωποι βρίσκονται μαζί σε χώρους που μπορούν να καλύψουν τις ανάγκες τους, αισθάνονται πληρότητα και ικανοποίηση που μετατρέπονται σε αποδοτικότητα και δημιουργικότητα.

Η Steelcase και η EKA Hellas μοιράζονται την τεχνογνωσία και διαμορφώνουν από κοινού έξυπνες λύσεις και καινοτόμα προϊόντα, για να μεταμορφώσουν τους χώρους σας και να εμπνεύσουν τους ανθρώπους που τους χρησιμοποιούν.

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    Flex Active Frames

      Steelcase Flex Active Frames are adaptable structures that define space by creating productive, flexible and inspiring homes for teams.

      Product information


      Frame, Frame Extensions, Bookends and Coat Rod

      • Steelcase Standard Paints

      Shelves, Doors and Media Tower Monitor Back Panel

      • Melamine

      Infills and Media Tower Side Infills

      • Melamine
      • P631 Dark Heather Grey PET

      Mobile Board Clip and Cable Management Clip

      • 6527 Merle

      Fixed Board

      • P631 Dark Heather Grey PET
      • Whiteboards
      • Melamine


      • Matt Chrome


      • P636 Light Heather Grey


      • Era or Atlantic

        Go beyond
        Product features
        Customizable + Adaptable

        Create your frame, fill your frame, personalize your frame - it's that easy with the simple system logic of Active Frames. Select your frame and shelves, determine your level of soft or hard enclosures and then make it yours.

        Active Frames gridded and modular structure allows for short or long term reconfiguration and provides the adaptability needed in a resilient and evolving workplace. As team and workplace needs change, so can Active Frames. Add doors and locks to create personal lockers, or increase the height and width for more privacy in a space. Active Frames can support a wide ranges of needs in the open office.


        The 1H unit with an optional cushion for sitting provides space for personal belongings.

        Media Tower Cable Management
        Media Tower Cable Management

        Cut-outs in the shelves and base allow to drive cable to the power source. Technology can be safely stored behind a lockable door.

        Coat rod
        Coat rod

        Hang your coat, fabric samples or hanging plants from the optional coat rod.


        Adding bookends to the shelf keep your books upright and organized.

        Cable Management Clip
        Cable Management Clip

        Cable management clips can be added to the frame when power cords need to be routed through the structure.


        PET or laminate infills can be added to the frame to provide structure, different levels of enclosure and a functional yet decorative aesthetic.


        With a closed storage option, doors help organize the team’s tools and keep work neatly tucked away. A soft fabric pull allows for easy access to essentials while a locking system helps secure personal or confidential items.

        Fixed Boards
        Fixed Boards

        Pin-tackable, fixed PET boards or fixed markerboards allow the team to collaborate at the structure and display their work. Fixed boards are also available in Melamine finishes.

        Board Clips
        Board Clips

        Detachable board clips can be added to the frame to host Steelcase Flex Markerboards either in vertical or horizontal orientation.

          Η Επιτυχία σε Αριθμούς
          In 2022, for the 16th time, Steelcase earned a place on Fortune Magazine’s prestigious list as one of the “World’s Most Admired Companies”.
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          EKA Hellas's specialist consultants are here to optimize your company's workplace according to its specialized functional characteristics and aesthetic qualities.
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